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Sorcery Update PDF Print E-mail
Written by SorceryNet   
Monday, 09 August 2010 04:22

Hi Folks,


We are ready to lift the veil on some improvements we have in store for you. This has been months in the making and it is *almost* done.

Can we appeal to the adventurous among you to help us smooth out the last few kinks? Before I go in to the details of what we need from you, let me give you a list of the pending upgrades...


1) New Services

                a. Botserv

                b. Nick Grouping

                c. New & Improved Gameserv

                d. slight changes to chanserv/nickserv/memoserv interface

                e. new help information for chanserv/nickserv/memoserv


2) Upgraded IRCD

                a. updated IRCD offering more stability

                b. introduction of half op support


3) Web site changes

                a. rolling out changes to the web site to make it more user friendly

                b. Introducing a new help section to replace the old site

                c. new channel listing systems


4) Services we will be offering

                a. #RPG-Hub a channel for all RPG's to share info and recruit new members, ran by the users (still in production)

                b. Free web hosting for channels on sorcery



Now to give you a quick explanation of where we're at with all these planned changes!


All of the new services & upgraded IRCD components are ready to be rolled out on the network, but before we can do that we need you, the users, to help us out by coming onto the test net and giving the services a right good workout!


The web site changes are going to be a constant work in progress, while we plan on moving the web site to be more community focussed we know it won't be an overnight progress, the new channel listing system will be linked to work directly with a bot on sorcery allowing people to submit and manage their channel listings on the web site, once the new bot is made people will be informed!


The new help section, well folks we know it's been frustrating not having all the info on hand on the web site over the last few months, but we really have been working on these upgrades for a while, we think it's going to pay off! shortly after the switch to the new services the web site will have several new sections dedicated to offering you all the help and support you'll need!


#RPG-Hub - this is a service Sorcery offered a very long time ago that sadly died out, as of late several users have came to us asking for it again, while we've taken on the project and we're creating a brand new bot that will interface with the web site directly, this channel will be ran by you the community! channel owners who are willing to help and take part will be offered the chance to help manage the channel.


Free Web hosting! well folks in order to say thanks for all your continued support of SorceryNet we're going to offer every channel on sorcery that wants it 15mb of web space to put up some web pages, all the sites will be in the format of and will remain for as long as your channel is registered!


So, now for the important part! The test net, We need you users willing to come onto the test net and play with all the features available and try to break it, not often we'll ask for that. The test net is going to become a permanent feature of SorceryNet it's where all our future changes will be tested so people will always be welcome on it to give feedback and input on to changes they want to see.


Connecting to the test net:


Server Pool:




Ports: 6660-6670, 7000, 9000

SSLPorts: 6697 + 9999




IPV6: 2001:470:b9a0:1061::2

Ports: 6660-6670, 7000, 9000

SSLPorts: 6697 + 9999


please can you all join #testnet for help and to give your feedback!


We hope to see you all on there, and if you have Anything you want to share at all please send it to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (This is our public mailing list so you're all welcome to join) or join us in #sorcery on the main network, all feedback is welcome,  so please folks once again come on the test net and try and break our new services, if you manage, try and let us know what you did! The more testers we get the sooner we can offer you these services on the network.


one final note folks, we're also considering increasing out nick length limit from 17 to a higher number, if you have any thoughts on this or wish to discuss it please drop in to #sorcery or join our public mailing list This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it where we're going to be having a discussion about it.

To join the mailing list please visit:


The SorceryNet Team

Last Updated on Monday, 09 August 2010 21:58