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Written by SorceryNet   
Wednesday, 11 August 2010 23:43
Hi Everyone,

Well it’s been 2 days since our big announcement and the feedback has been astounding! We, the staff of Sorcery, would like to thank you all for taking the time to respond to our annoying notices and messages, but without your input we wouldn’t be able to make any changes.

So far the test net has been well worked, you’ve managed to find some bugs which have been fixed and brought a few more suggestions to our attention which we thank you for, but we still need more!, there’s lots on these new services to be tested, the more of you helping out the sooner we can make the changes to the main network.

Nick Length

This is something Sorcery staff has been debating for a long time, and something we’ve never been sure about changing, but with your input we’ve finally decided on what to do. Chainsaw sent out a /msg to everyone connected to sorcery the other night, instead of a notice like we usually do, and with over 400 replies we found out what the majority want. When the new services go live on the main network the new maximum nickname length will be changed from 17 to 24.

IRCD Change

No software currently exists that allowed us to do exactly what we wanted with the new services. Rather than compromise and ask you to relearn how to use a new system, we have engaged with several programmers who will be writing some bespoke bits for us.

Something we forgot to mention...

In the previous statement we forgot to mention that as well as free web space for channels, we’ll also be offering forums either private or as part of the main sorcery board (which will be online soon)

Expect more news soon!

--The SorceryNet Staff