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Written by SorceryNet   
Monday, 30 August 2010 06:50

Frequently Asked Questions

This section is made as a quick tutorial for frequently asked questions on how to use the Services we provide.  It, by no means explains all of the functions available to you as a user, but will get you started.  For more in depth explanations and further options, please check out the Help area of this site or feel free to drop into #help and we will be happy to assist you.  You can also browse through the commands yourself on SorceryNet.


There are quite a few terms used on IRC that may be different from other chat services which you are used to.  Here is a list of terms to acclimate yourself with while using  

Akick - A 'permanent' ban from a channel until it is removed from a list by an op.  

Ban - If a ban is set on a person from a channel, the user can no longer enter the channel until it is lifted or until the channel is empty.

Channel - This is sometimes referred to as a 'room'.  You must be in a channel to talk to others.

Hostmask - This is the info you get after your nick.  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  'Pete' is the alias.  After the @ is the hostmask.  

IRC - Internet Relay Chat.  

IRCop - IRCops help maintain the network and assist users with troublemakers and with understanding commands etc on the network.  You can speak to IRCops and get assistance in #help.

Kick - A person can kick another from a channel, meaning that user was removed and can rejoin.

Moderation - If the channel is set +m, anyone not voiced or opped will be unable to converse in the channel.

Nick - A nickname.  The name you choose to use while chatting.

Op - A person in the channel who has a @ by his/her name.  This person is either in charge of the channel or at least has the ability to do some commands in the room such as kicking, banning and moderating a channel.

HalfOp - Uses the % symbol.  Halfops are between a voice and Op, having some limited power to voice people who join or kick/ban those who are voiced or not voiced.  

Voice - A person with a +v by his/her nick is voiced.  This implies that if a channel is moderated, the individual can still chat and be seen by others.   

You can see further terminology in the Glossary.

Pertaining to the Server/Network

Question:  I'm being portscanned when I connect, why?
Answer:  Our servers check if your computer is running an open proxy. This is just an automated check done for every connection. There's nothing to worry about.

Question:  I was klined from the server for running an open proxy or having a compromised IP or Tor.
Answer:  We use a black list and IPs that match will be automatically banned from the server.  If you wish to chat here, you will need to follow the directions the kline message gives you to do so.  If it says to email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , do so with the complete message.

Question:  I was klined for being an abusive user, whether it was me or not.  How can I get back on Sorcery?
Answer:  Email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with the complete kline message you receive.  If you are not the person in which the kline was meant for, please indicate so in your email.  If you are the user who did something against SorceryNet policy, the kline staff will make a decision as to whether to continue the kline or not.  Whatever you do, do not ban evade or else the penalty may be increased.  If you had a faulty script or something of that nature, fix the problem and then email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it indicating you have done so and you will be permitted back onto the network.  Friends may come into #help to speak to an IRCop over klines but the situation may be remedied sooner by emailing the kline staff.  They are prompt and generally get back with people on the same day or the next.

Question:  Does SorceryNet support SSL?
Answer: Yes, we do.

Question:  Does SorceryNet support ipv6?
Answer:  Yes, we do on specific servers.  

Pertaining to NICKS

Question:  How do I change nicks?
Answer:  /nick newnick
Example: /nick Pete
Note:  This will change your nick to Pete, if it is available.  If a nick comes up as not available, that means someone else has registered it and/or it is in use currently.  If you receive a message to change the nick or you will lose it, this means that someone else has registered the nick, so quickly just do the command again with a new nickname and sooner or later you will find a free nick.

Question:  How can I register a nick?
Answer:  Get into the nick you wish to register. Then use this command: /nickserv register passwordhere
Example: If your password you choose is 'pepsi', the command should look like this:
/nickserv register pepsi
Note:  Make sure to -not- put in your nick in with the command.  Just add a password as Nickserv will know you are registering the nick you are in at the time you use the command.  After registering, you must identify to your nick at least once every 30 days or it will become available to others again.  Passwords are case-sensitive.

Question:  How do I identify to a nick?
Answer:  Be in the nick you registered.  You will note that you have about 30 seconds to identify by the prompt.  Put in this command:
/nickserv id password-you-chose
Example:  Going by the example above, with the password being 'pepsi', /nickserv id pepsi

Question:  How do I drop a currently registered nick?
Answer:  If you wish to drop a nick you own, use /nickserv drop while in the nick.  Of course, you will have to be identified to the nick before this will work.  Once done, this makes your nick available to other users.

Question:  Do you have nick 'grouping'?
Answer:  Yes, we do.  You may group nicks instead of registering each individual one, which will attach the new nick to the registered nick you use.  While in the new nick you wish to group, do this command: /nickserv group target(Your registered nick) password(the password you registered the target nick under).

Question:  Someone stole my nick and I did not register it prior or it dropped due to not identifying on time (within 25 days).  What do I do?
Answer:  For the majority of cases, you are just out of luck.  Nickserv is there for you so that you can claim a nick and whether you have used the nick for 3 years or 3 days, if it is not registered, you are putting it up on the market for anyone to use or take.  All we can suggest is to message the person and ask politely if the user will relinquish the nick.  If not, you will need to wait for the nick to drop so that you can have it again and choose a new nick in the mean time.  If someone is being malicious and taking nicks just to be cruel, you may come to #help and the IRCops can determine whether it is within the rules to release the nicks in question or not.  

Question:  Someone stole my nick (or channel) and changed the password?  What can I do?
Answer:  Ask for the nick back and if denied, come to #help and report the person to an IRCop.  It may take a bit of time but a check can be done to determine whether the nick was stolen or not.  If it was, it will be returned to you.  We do strongly suggest that you do not give your password out to -anyone- and the same applies for a registered channel.  If you do so, you may be on your own.

Question:  How long can my nick be?
Answer: It was changed from 17 to 24 characters.  

Pertaining to OTHER USERS

Question:  How can I find out if a nick is registered to someone without having to try to use the nick?
Answer:  You can use this command:  /nickserv info nick and this will let you know if the nick is available or it is already taken.  This also Tells you how long the nick has been registered and when it was last used.
Example: /nickserv info Pete

Question:  How do I find out if someone is on the network currently?
Answer:  Use the /whois nick command.  If the person is not online you will receive a message of 'no such nick/channel'.  If the person is online, you will get back a response with the person's masked hostmask and the channels the person is currently in that are public.  

Question:  How do I kick and/or ban someone out of my channel?
Answer:  In most IRC clients, you can highlight the user's name in the nick list and then right click.  Go to 'Commands' and hit the Kick option.  Below the Kick option, there should be a ban option you can use if you wish for the person to not be able to return to the channel.  You must be opped to do this command.  If you do not have this option, you can use chanserv to akick the person (a permanent ban until you remove it) or you can set mode +b manually. (/mode #channel +b user)

Question:  How do I ignore someone?
Answer:  If a user is harassing you or you just want to not receive any PMs from the person, or see his/her comments in the channel you both are in, you can use this function.  The command is /ignore nick
Example:  /ignore Pete

Question:  How do I remove an Ignore I have set?
Answer:  /unignore nick works in most cases.  If this does not work, you may have to go into your Address Book and find 'Control'.  In this area, you can remove the nick.  Some clients may have other ways of deleting ignored nicks so you may have to use a search engine to find the answer.  Most irc client sites are pretty good at providing such answers, but if you cannot find out, come into #help and we will try to assist you.

Pertaining to CHANNELS

Question:  How do I find a channel to join?
Answer:  Do the command: /list.  This will bring up all of the non-secret channels on the network.  You can then peruse through the list and see their topics.  You can also browse the site here and see some channels listed.  If you are interested in rpgs, take a look in #rpg-hub.
Example:  /list

Question:  How do I join a channel?
Answer:  If the channel is open to be joined by anyone, you may simply type /join #channel.
Example:  /join #help

Question:  How do I register a channel?
Answer:  Be in the channel you wish to register and be an op, which implies you have a @ by your nick.  If you and others are in the available channel and someone else has ops or no one does, this command will not work.  Simply ask others to leave, then part and rejoin quickly so that you will be the first in the channel.  After, use the command:  /chanserv register #channel password description.  
Example:  The channel name for the example will be #green.  The password will be 'oval'.  
/chanserv register #green oval A channel about green things.
Note:  A channel will drop if the Founder fails to identify to a channel every 30 days.  If a Founder is gone for 30 days, the channel will drop or pass onto a successor, if the Founder names one.

Question:  Why won't Chanserv recognize me when I enter a channel I have auto-ops in?
Answer:  You need to be identified with Nickserv prior to entering the channel.  Simply part the channel and identify to Nickserv and re-enter the channel.

Question:  Someone banned me from a channel for no good reason.  What can be done?
Answer:  Channel founders and the ops they assign can ban someone from their channel for any reason at all, whether you could be considered harassing or not.  Sorcery IRCops will not interfere in this as it is the right of any founder to set up his/her channel so long as it follows SorceryNet guidelines.  The best thing we can suggest is to private message the founder or an op of the channel itself and ask to be allowed in.  If you are denied or there is no response, move on.  There are plenty of other channels on SorceryNet and hopefully you will find a more welcoming room elsewhere.  

Question:  A user is ban evading and continues to return to my channel.  How do I get rid of him/her?
Answer:  If you have set any bans you have set for the individual, do not remove them and come to #help for assistance from an IRCop.  If you had set akicks (/chanserv akick #channel person's-ident reason), put in the person's nick or some identifying message as to who the user is so that the IRCops can see your efforts.  If the individual is a ban evader, this goes against SorceryNet policy and IRCops will help to ensure the ban evader no longer joins your channel.

Question:  Many bots are joining my room and flooding or spamming.  What can I do?
Answer:  You can report any bots/clones that are attacking your room by joining #help and we will be happy to assist you.  However, here are some helpful things you can do for your room meanwhile.  First step, set mode +i.  (/mode #channel +i)  This sets the channel to invite only, which implies that users attempting to join your channel will fail until this is removed.  Members of the channel can message an op and an op can invite them in or drop the +i.  Next step if you wish, try setting a limit on what number of people can join your channel by doing +l (/mode #channel +l number). Another way to handle it is to voice the members of your channel and then set the channel to +m which moderates the channel (/mode #channel +m).  Anyone not voiced cannot speak in the channel but they can join and part.  There are other useful modes, which you can explore, listed under Channel Modes.  Feel free to explore the options to set up your channel as you would like.  

Question:  What are the channel levels that can be assigned to ops?
Answer:  Below is the rough outline, whether you use number levels to assign or set via the level label.  For more information, please see /chanserv help access and/or /chanserv help set #chan xop to choose which option you would prefer to use in auto-opping users.
Founder - Level 15 = The channel founder is the owner of the channel.  The channel founder can do any commands available.
SOP - Level 10 or higher = The channel SOP or Super Op can set akicks and auto-op members, on top of other op functions for lower ops.
AOP - Level 5 up to 9 = Auto-Op.  A person can ban, kick, set temporary modes to a channel, change topics and VOP or HOP users as well as other simple functions.
HOP - Level 4 = HalfOp. The user can voice the channel, moderate and invite, as well as ban users below Level 4 and can change topics.
VOP - Level 3 = Voice.  The user is voiced so that if the channel is moderated (+m), he or she can still speak.
0 = The user has no level and is not opped in any way in the channel.
<0 = The user cannot be auto-opped in the channel.

Pertaining to MEMOS

Question:  Why can I not send a memo to another user?
Answer:  You must be registered and identified to your nick to send memos.  Also, that user must have a registered nick to receive memos.

Question:  How do I send a memo to another user?
Answer:  If the criteria above is met, type /memoserv send nick your message.  
Example:  If the user's nick is Carl and your message is 'How are you doing?', it would look like this:
/memoserv send Carl How are you doing?

Question:  How do I read a memo from another user?
Answer:  The command is /memoserv read #.  If you have received a memo from someone and it is your first, type in:
Example:  /memoserv read 1

For more information on these commands and others, you can be on SorceryNet and type in:
/nickserv help
/chanserv help
/memoserv help
/gameserv help
/botserv help


If you wish to, in most clients, you can shorten some of the Services command words.

/ns = /nickserv
/cs = /chanserv
/ms = /memoserv
/gs = /gameserv
/bs = /botserv

You may also feel free to check out the information in more detail on this website or join #help for further assistance.

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