First Impressions: DC Universe Infinite

I have wanted DC’s answer to Marvel Unlimited since that app was first announced and DC Universe Infinite does not disappoint.

DC Universe started life in 2018 as a place to get limited comics, the TV shows and some movies, but it was never a really good app and was limited to the US for the most part. Yesterday saw it rebranded as DC Universe Infinite with a library of over 24,000 comics and graphic novels.

I started yesterday with a few worries about how the app was going to perform with early reports suggesting the app is now better but it isn’t without issues. So when it came time to try it myself, I was expecting to be let down a little from the hype.

However, I was very surprised to find the opposite was true. I was lucky enough to get early access to Marvel Unlimited before its launch, and to this day I still use the app, I am after all a nerd at heart. Marvel Unlimited has had its fair share of bugs since day 1, app crashes, soft locks, lost places, pages not loading and various other bugs have been fairly commonplace over the last few years.

All of that said I love the Marvel Unlimited app and I recommend it to anyone and everyone who want’s to get into the comics or learn a little bit more about the characters they love from the MCU, and with a monthly commitment you’re not tied into a year long sub. It’s rare that I will ever openly complain about the Marvel app or offering, so please don’t take this that way!

The App

When I first launched DC Universe Infinite and created my free trial I was shocked to find that the app ran amazingly, the interface was clean and simple, considering the change the app went through I was actually shocked it was working so well. Very different from what I had read in other places about it being “clunky”. While there are some valid issues raised about the search function, I hope it’s something that in time allows you to add filters to allow for better searching.

I have always wanted to read the Injustice: God’s Among Us series, something that recently playing Injustice 2 on Xbox Game Pass made me want a DC comic sub service more than ever. So that being one of the first things in the app to appear I instantly started reading it.

I am at this point in time onto Year 5 of the series, and I have had 2 issues. That’s it, 2 problems, I can’t remember reading any series on Marvel Unlimited and it be so smooth, or not have some little issue crop up.

Both of the problems I have had I suspect actually came down to an internet issue on my side; or the fact I am using a VPN. In each case it was a failed to load page and a simple refresh fixed it.

I also wanted to test something I do on a day-to-day basis that has never worked well for Marvel Unlimited, switching devices. On any given day I will switch between my PC, a tablet and my mobile phone, in every instance the app and website remembered my place perfectly and put me back where I was. I should qualify that I only tested this when I shut down the app/browser completely when changing devices.

All in all I’m really excited for the app and having access to such a huge comic library from all corners of the DC universe.

DC Universe Infinite launched in the US on the 21st of January 2021 and is coming to other countries in the summer.

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