Info & Rules


SorceryNet was formed in late 1996 when a couple of servers split from DALnet to form their own network. Their goal was to provide the public with a stable network and helpful staff to make chatting as easy as possible with as little interruption as possible. On the administrative level, SorceryNet was based on the principle that the administrators would each have an equal vote in decisions concerning the network. No single person would ever own the network.


To make everyone’s stay a pleasant one, there need to be some rules. We expect our users to behave accordingly, so please take a moment to read them.

  • No harassment of other users or channels
  • This should go without saying, but anything with the purpose of annoying others is not allowed.
  • No mass-advertising
  • Advertising your channel in random other channels or private messages to random people is not allowed. Channels that do this, or encourage their users to do this, are not welcome on SorceryNet.
  • IRC is a medium intended for people to talk to one another. Using SorceryNet for other purposes, such as trading files, is prohibited.
  • In addition to this, servers may have some server specific rules, these are announced in their message of the day which you will receive upon connecting.


Services is a pseudo-server that handles certain administrative duties and allows interaction with the users by means of a few special nicknames. By talking to NickServ or ChanServ for example, you can register your nickname or channel. Services will then watch for other people trying to use it and enforce your settings. This eliminates the need for bouncers or channel bots for keeping your nick or channel.

The full documentation for services can be found in the services command reference. For a quick start, we’ve included links to a few commonly used commands:

  • Registering your nick
  • Identifying to your nick
  • Setting various nick options
  • Registering your channel
  • Adding ops to your channel

Sorcery channels

In case of problems, you can visit the official help channel #square and ask your question there.